Question?     Have you ever suffered from being ejected from a Golf Cart?

These two men could probably tell you all about it.

For an approximate price of $75.00 to install, or zero if you do it yourself, our Safety Post (same concept as in a public buss) is in between  the driver and the passenger and fives you something to grab onto with a single hand, during an unexpected stop.   This device will not prevent injury to your face or insulate you from brain damage, but by its nature it will mitigate the damages, which could be 100%. 

We have taken an potentially ugly human event and in most cases converted into a non event.  Legal Disclosure.

in the Golf Cart you own, you can avoid this from happening TO YOURSELF OR OTHERS.

Look at the these (3) models that are available to you:  GREAT Safety Gift IDEA for Grandpa, Father’s Day, or when you’re taking the Kids down to visit your own Parents in Florida.

Watch This Video to Understand How It Works!


Watch This Video To See How Simple It Is To Install

1)  Single Pole for an Older Passenger’s left hand to grab onto steady themselves at all times while in the Golf Cart. Attached from under the Cart Seat.  If you and your adult passenger want to sit a small child between you there are several ways to protect the child from “sliding” off the seat due to a sudden stop. One way is for the child’s legs to straddle the Safety Post. You might put a small pillow between the child and the Safety Pole handle. In this way there is little Danger of the child’s face hitting the soft Silicone Rubber finger grip, while at the same time the child has THE EQUIVALENT OF AN AIR BAG “MOST OF THE TIME” with a physical POLE of steel for support to keep the child’s body “on the seat”.  This is a “personal matter” that you will have to use your Common Sense on, and we merely mention it, but do not advocate it. However, even though this single post was not intended for the protection of little children….. it is something vs nothing if you insist on having a young child with you on the seat of your Cart. 

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2)   Double Handle Post

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3)  Single Pole for both Driver and passenger to grabhttp://jrstore.johnratkovich.com/product/double-handle-post/ onto at first hint of danger. There are 2 “single hand grab” points for the driver and the passenger to share. The Pole itself is attached to the floor by being pinched from above and below the old and the new floor. 

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4)   Single Pole with Safety Bar for Visiting Grandchildren, which drops into their lap, (removable when the kids leave) the same as a Roller Coaster, at an Amusement Park. It is attached to floor by being pinched from above and below the old and the new floor.


If you want to install this Safety Pole by yourself and you are unable to hand “tilt” one side of the Cart sufficiently “UP” so you can shove the 36” long Stainless Steel Safety Post with NPS threads (not NPT) UP THROUGH THE FLOOR……we can sell you a 4 inch long (instead of 36”long) Safety Post with the same identical Welded Plate to push up through the floor without “tilting” the Cart. Just get on your human back on the ground and shove the 4” pole “up” through the hole in the two floors.
See Photo of welded plate with the 4” Safety Post welded to it.

Once the 4 inch Safety Post protrudes “up” into the floor of the Golf Cart you merely HAND TWIST THE “LOCK NUT” we furnish onto the 4” Safety Post …….then twist on the 2” long CONNECTOR onto the Safety Post…..the twist the 32” long Safety Post with a LOCK NUT IN PLACE ON IT….. into the Open side of the CONNECTOR.
By doing this with the Connector attachment you have “restored” the same strength to the 4” long Safety Pole as the solid 36” and avoided the cost of installation from a 3rd party.
You do not want the pipe and the connector to come loose over time. By twisting the lock nut down “HARD” on“ both ends” of the CONNECTOR WITH THE PIPE IN IT….you more or less guarantee a solid connection for years into the future


Enough said on the most important BENEFITS to you the Consumer.

The following are Additional ADJUSTABLE FEATURES of the product itself:

Using the Safety Pole to attached a 12” long leash or Bungee Cord for your dog. Quite helpful when you have to “make a quick stop” at the Mall. The probability is that the Dog will not be stolen, because people walking bye do not even Notice the animal on the floor of the cart…..and you don’t have to Rush-rush and trip over the curb.


Additional USES:

Yacht Decks to avoid passengers getting swept overboard from unexpected SWELLS by using a 10-15-foot-long Bungee cord with one wrap around your wife or kid’s waist.
A minor “benefit accessory” for the Fishing Guests on your watercraft is the Magnet in one corner of the square black accessory tray that hold metal lures at waist height reach.

Your ordinary metal fishing lures can hang in the OPEN SLOTS of the Tray or in the depression of the Tray itself. The magnet is for Protection of the super expensive lures if the roll of the waves is excessive. One last Benefit of the plastic tray is that on a clam day you can have a “clean place” for your Hot Dog or your Cigar to rest as you work your “deep sea” fishing lure.   I heard a rumor recently that a new Patent has been granted to a super effective (and expensive) Deep Sea Lure. All I have is the phone number and e-mail and I have not yet used the lure for myself.  Greg Becker@1-847 858-8550 Consider contacting www.Beckerwoodproducta@SBCGlobal.net.

A “SIGNIFICANTLY UGLY” POTENTIAL SAFETY ISSUE!  The SUPPORT PIPE of the Safety Post has an “unintended” but Valuable 2nd Safety USE that “just arrived” 45 DAYS AGO.  What if… DUE TO THE VIRUS……there are Food Shortages on shore, and the National Guard is shooting LOOTER’S in the streets of your “upscale neighborhood”? Imagine, for safety, you and you’re your family taking your watercraft out beyond the 12 Mile Limit and temporarily living off can good and fresh fish.  Imagine that you are peacefully at anchor with the family and suddenly… Modern day Pirates in a speedboat firing machine guns up in the air and GETTING READY TO pull alongside of your Stern and BOARD YOU.  Imagine you having PREPARED YOURSELF for just such an EVENT by using the “solid attachment” of your Safety Post from both under and above your Deck to neutralize the “kick”of a mini-rocket launching double barrel shot gun… and from this you are able to wound or destroy the Speed Boat as it “jockeys” for position to Board you.   Depending on how accurate your missile is…….your entire crew and yourself are either dead or alive… with NOTHING IN BETWEEN.

To accomplish this result you need to TRAIN AND RETRAIN your entire Crew for this 3-5 minute hysteria. Your training might consist of your putting a “drapery” over your Safety Pole in the center of your deck. Under that disguise would be a Double Barrel shotgun with two triggers, that is loaded or “yet to be loaded” and hanging VERTICAL down the side of the Safety Pole. Your job is to quickly “flip” the shot gun from vertical to horizontal into a slightly “oversize U shaped cradle” on top of the Safety Pole. Look at the “U” shape Spurs on a Cowboy Boot. That is what the “cradle should look like with the Spur being “jammed” down the open end of Safety Pole for solid support. The cradle should allow for 360 degrees of target area and maximum “steady hands” for accurate SIGHTING IN THE TARGET, due to the Safety Post carrying the weight of the Shot Gun (no quivering ) Leave the disguise cover on as long as you can so none of the Pirates have cause to shoot at you regardless of the damage they cause to their Sales Price of your watercraft to their dealer in Stolen Watercraft.

In general, the Pirates will hold their fire because any damage to the watercraft by their machine gun will eliminate any chance of selling the stolen property.  With or without the cloth cover still on the “top of the Safety Pole….and with a 5 second sight adjustment…. you are now able to point and fire one barrel at the MOTIONLESS SPEED BOAT. If you missed you still have a 2nd shot left.   Consider hiring a gunsmith to design a 6” long missile, or a bullet manufacture may have them as “shelf items”, if you have a Firearms License. With this Military missile that has a sharp point you “might” cause the Speed Boat to explode or at minimum cause the Pirates to jump into the water from the flames of your have shot them with one of your Distress Flares.   You have to set aside being “kind and courteous” and maybe get the courage to shoot the Pirates in the head with a pistol while they are in the water. REMEMBER…..THE PIRATES SHOWED UP TO STEAL AND KILL EVERYONE OF YOU ON BOARD.   Now…..for the first time in the last 5 minutes you have a chance to pull up anchor, and let them all drown. If you succeed ……maybe one of the females aboard your water-craft might “ask you over” for TEA tonight, once the children are asleep.

You may ask…..what if the Pirates are aiming their machine guns at ME as they prepare to board? NO WAY will their leader allow them to fire at you. Your water-craft must NOT have a scratch on it …..much less ……bullet holes in the side of the cabin…..because the USED water craft purchaser will NOT BUY a boat with any damages …..much less bullet holes….and the Pirates will probably abandon your craft and go back home “empty handed”. The passengers are semi-protected from a Sniper on the pirate speedboat 20 feet away with a Scope due to the waves rocking the Speed Boat but your staff or you Captain must practice several times each week to hit the speed boat soon as it comes to a halt.  You have to train all your youngest passengers to immediately hide in the cabin with loaded pistols as the Pirates arrive. YOU might ALLOW one or more adults as “backup” to stay on deck with you in case you are wounded from a Sharp Shooter. THIS IS A DO OR DIE SITUATION….WITH NO REPLAYS.

NO MATTER HOW YOU FIGURE IT …..THE MOMENT THE PIRATES STEP or crawl out of the water ONTO YOUR Stern “DISEMBARKATION PLATFORM” ….your women will be Raped and you (as Captain) will be tortured until you open the money SAFE aboard. In order to get the “upper hand” you really need three of four light weight hand guns in the hands of trained females and over 15-year old’s to make sure the Pirates get a bullet in their face and never get out of the water. Even a 22 caliber pistol will do the job for the kids and women, at a few feet distance……with practice.

Golf cart rental companies:

With the Virus Quarantine your business is probably operating at a loss. If you install even “just one” of our Safety Poles on a Cart that goes out to a Golf Course, it could became so popular that wives might start telling husbands to only play at courses that RENT YOUR CARTS with our Safety Pole in them.   Temporarily you would be “King of the Hill” and have an overwhelming number of new customers so you at least “break even” for 2020.   If you remember, let me know if you increased your CASH FLOW once you installed this Safety Pole on your Carts.

Military Jeeps being used as “attack vehicles” versus “escape vehicles”.

Visualize a soldier kneeling down in the passenger side of the JEEP and leaning out the side of the JEEP, firing a machine gun from the passenger floor space with his or her right hand while holding onto the Safety Pole with the left hand.   

Elderly person stepping down into a Row Boat.

What generally happens to an elderly person who tries to “step down into a small water craft of any kind?” Answer: they lose their balance and fall unless someone is holding onto them. Solution to Answer: Install our Safety Post (even on a wooden row boat seat by having the “grab” handle on the “one outer edge” of the row boat seat be able to swing all the way over to the entry side so the elderly person can grab it before taking his or her first step …..to get into or out of the Row Boat.) Same thing for young teenagers or similar.



In case you want to meet my son and I…..this is what we looked like 20 yrs. ago. We chose to put this photo in for Credibility.

Consider filling out the contact form below.

This will put you on the WAITING LIST that is approximately 44 days long right now.  As our volume grows the pricing might go lower by $100.00 and you would get the advantage of that potential LOWER PRICE.  You are not under any obligation until you buy at that time…..SO GET YOUR NAME AND E-MAIL ON THE LIST IMMEDIATELY and don’t look back.  

END   J.R.


For what it is worth, I am a practicing Lawyer and a holder of several Patents. My son is skilled in Computers.  See attached copy of patent.

 If you have the time you might enjoy reading the additional pages. They describe what “laughable” and “not so laughable” human events occurred…. that DIRECTED ME TO GIVE  80% of my work day attention FOR THE PAST 22 months to the 11 Safety Pole prototypes that failed to work, and the current DESIGNS  that “GETS THE JOB DONE”.

It all started with my Granddaughter in Boca Raton, Florida.  Her first name is Haley.   She involuntarily spent 3 days in a Semi-coma at a local Hospital.   What happened was that the Visit older cousin decided to “show off” by doing figure 8’s, and then arbitrarily “slamming on the brakes” with the family golf cart.   Witness said at the height of one turn, the older Cousin slammed on the brakes and Haley took off like a Comet.   She slid face first on the Asphalt Street and then hit the top of her head on the concrete curb at maximum velocity.  She recovered and went onto the Univ. of Florida with a 3.9 grade point and might enter Law School when she graduates.

The above became the foundation for putting my Law Practice on hold and spending 80-1000  hours perfecting the coordination of all the metal parts to minimize the physical damage your kids are capable of inflicting on themselves from  doing the same thing you and I did….when we were both seventeen….”if you know what I mean” (remember the Beatles).

If you or your kids have or had any similar experiences……send their story to me on www.Halleyscomet.net  If there are sufficient stories I  will make a amateur Blog so Parents throughout the World see they are “in the right” for disciplining their kids to sensible behavior with the family golf cart.   Allowing the Juveniles to use the CART as a BUMPER CAR is the same a “hitting a golf ball out of bounds” …….. YOU HAVE TO TAKE A PENALTY STROKE!

For what it is worth I am 84 years old and my son is in his 60’s.  We both think it is wise to Sell Our Patent and move on to two more “inventions” that are only in the design state.

Assuming, you who are reading this have a few extra minutes, here are some additional accessory FEATURES that some people think are important, YOU DECIDE.

A.  FOR GOLFERS: Visualize you are on the 10th tee and now have a “clean plastic tray” to put your Hot Dog on.  Then you  do not have to “rush” up to the 10th Tee and lay your food and drink on the ground. Right now, all the “rush-rush” to hit the ball on the 10th Tee produces “too fast a backswing” and the ball slices out of bounds or into the trees. NOT A GOOD WAY TO START THE BACK NINE…..especially if you were only “one over” on the “front 9”.  The tray has “S” hooks on the side to hang a damp towel, hook or lay your cell phone on the tray so you don’t have to try to get the cell phone, the ball marker, or a “Tee” out of the pocket of your shorts or trousers.  The dirt stains from your hands going in and out of your pockets, on expensive skirts or trousers, NEVER seem to “come out”.

B.  Semi-thick 3” inch O.D. Silicone Pads on the 36-inch-tall post ITSELF that go from top to bottom. They protect your knees from the Stainless Pipe vibrations.  If they were not there you would end up with black and blue marks on the inside portions of your knees at the end of 18 holes.  You need those pads to press your knees against as the cart moves.  Its “steadies” you as a passenger or a driver so you have a High Comfort Level the entire time you are in the Cart.

C.  For those Cart owners in the Rocky Mountain areas, or those who play golf on steep hill courses,  you may already know or sense the danger of ACCIDENTALLY going off the Cart Path and the Cart tumbling over on top of you as you both roll down the hill. Once again, with the inside of your knees pressed against this Safety Pole and one of your hands on the Grip area you are “sort of” in control of the situation as you tumble down the hill.    At least you have several choices to make to lessen your physical damage …. rather than be “thrown about” inside and then outside of the Cart with maximum damage to every part of your body.

D.  Senior Citizens. Comfort Designs for you and myself.

    1)   As a Senior we need easy of entry and exit by one hand. The SOLID and lack of “flex” in our Safety Post is like holding onto a City Transit Bus “floor to ceiling pole” in their buses.

    2)   On all terrain other than a flat fairway we elderly need to feel” in control” with our hand on a Safety Post of some kind or else we can’t enjoy our golf game or the marvelous weather as a non-playing passenger.


A Teaching Pro taking a 14 year old out to the far end of the Practice Range……you occasionally “forget” that the child only weighs 100 lbs. plus or minus a few….and you cruise “too rapidly” so that the wind pushes the child right off the plastic passenger seat onto the ground.  This is a great way to get fired before the sun goes down.

Greens Keepers:   On those days when you have to inspect the course and Mom has an appointment elsewhere. You are the “baby sitter” for the several kids, and with the family dog  running alongside the Cart, ALL IN A PEACEFUL MANNER… you carelessly hit a “ditch” and you bang your  forehead against the windshield while the smaller people (your kid’s) ALSO go in up against the windshield and are throw out of the Cart,  like my granddaughter Haley, and are scared for life.

Anyone Legally driving in Auto Traffic on your city streets.  By design we have allowed the Safety Pole to FLEX BY A SINGLE INCH the same way an Air Bag in a car.  This allow the human face to be “absorbed” into the Silicone Rubber Pad, so that the POLE itself is not the cause of an injury all by itself.   We succeed by creating a partial “cushion” rather than a “solid wall”,……. “not perfect”, but better than nothing.

REGARDLESS of the above disclosures, as soon as you “step into” the golf cart……you assume the inherent risks of 20 additional accidents beyond the three (3) mentioned above.

The Safety Pole offers limited protection versus the current “complete absence of anything for a seated passenger to grab onto” in the Center of the Cart itself. Once again….something is better than nothing.

RUN-AWAY-GOLF CART…just like what happened in Chicago at United Air Lines in the Autumn of 2019.   By having the Safety Pole in the center of the golf cart floor …. any object sliding off of the slippery plastic seat has a good chance of being “deflected” onto the Gas Pedal.  Right now, if you take the time to analyze the natural trajectory of the object sitting on the passenger seat you will see that the lack of a “hump” in the center of the floor(like autos have)  of the cart almost “attracts” the sliding object to land on TOP OF THE GAS PEDAL while it bumps “away from” the Brake pedal. If you want to have a good laugh read the following:

In the summer of 2017, I was playing with out a passenger.  It started to rain.  I did not want my grips to get wet, so I detached my all leather Pro Bag from the 1960 Era, that weighs as much as 5-year-old child, and attempted to place the round bottom where a passenger normally put their golf shoes.  I tossed it with too much force and it slid across the passenger seat and landed 99% on top of the gas pedal.  The cart “took off” at maximum speed and it started to climb the super steep 16th hole Hill with the homes on top, at Chalet Hills G.C. near Wauconda, Illinois.   At age 64, my body was in top condition to compete throughout America in the Senior Olympics running for the GOLD in the 200 meters…. so, it was reasonable for my  81-year-old body to  “exploded forward” with all it had to GIVE,…… for 15 yards…. to “catch a run-away Golf Cart.  As the cart hit the most vertical point of the Hill….it paused….and started to drift backward…. I caught up with it and “leaped” a few inches off the ground into the driver’s side and was able to get my left foot onto the brake.  I backed the Cart down the hill, regained my composure, and finish out the hole with my two companions.  They did not see anything so I kept quiet and finish the round.   The next day I had several drawings on my Engineering Desk.  That was the foundation of the End Product now BEFORE You.

My costs to date for R & D are just under $30,000.00. This dollar amount might insures you that “what you are buying ” has reached “a state of perfection” …..that I have already given to the Safety Pole in my own Golf Cart.


The issue is:   Does the drilling of a single 1.125” O.D. hole in the center of the old or “present” cart floor IMPARE the “INTEGRITY’ of the Rented or Owned golf cart floor? 

My common sense and experience of 55 years in the Practice tells me that is not enough “inherent alteration” of the Original golf cart to allow any seller (Manurfacturer) to claim immunity so they can Escape their obligation under their Warranty.  (you as a buyer might ask your golf cart seller about this issue before you purchase from me).  

Return Policy:

Due to this Safety Pole falling under a Health Dept category there are No Returns of any of these units ONCE THE SHIPPING BOX IS OPENDED.  Containers with the original tape shall receive a full refund.   If it is TOO LATE to return your purchase,,……merely try to resell the Assembly with a picture on the Bulletin Board at a Private Golf Course in your area.  Someone may pay you more than you paid because they want it “immediately”.    

Drill Bit and Round Saw Blade:

Within the parts you received from us is a DRILL and a Round Saw.  The drill is for locating the “center point” you will be cutting out with the “round saw”. The saw is 1.125” O.D. for the Safety Pole to slide through from “under the old and new golf cart floor”.   One end of the ¾ “NPS (not NPT) 100% threaded 36 in long Pipe is welded to an 8 x 10x ¼” plate of stainless steel. That plate presses upwards from under the Cart Floor. If for any reason YOUR CART CAN NOT RECEIVE THE 8 X 10 X ¼ PLATE “WE HAVE SENT ALONG A METAL SAW TO TRIM THE PLATE SO IT FITS under the passenger seat.   A Stainless steel floor flange with 3/4” NPS (Not NPT) threads spins down the threaded Pipe and “pinches” the two floors (new and old).  Two (2) lock nuts hold the flange in place for a period of time that is “just short of forever” and a day. The Stainless steel saw BLADE IS FOR YOU TO TRIM THE EDGES OF THE WELDED PLATE TO MAKE FOR A “PERFECT FIT”.

Thanks for reading this far into this dissertation.


830 W. Northwest Highway, Suite 12

Palatine, IL 60067

847 705 1940